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It may seem a bit strange but having been a knitter and crocheter for over 40 years, I have to admitted I do not understand “Yarn Bombing”. I see pictures of trees, buses, and many other things wrapped in knitting or crocheting and I wonder who has that much free time and yarn on their hands? It isn’t that I think it is silly, well actually yes it is, I do think it a silly use of time and yarn. Yes, I know everyone has the right to make or do what they will with their craft but really all that work for a tree, or a bus or a park bench, really?

Time? Yarn? Really?

Maybe it is that I see so many people in need, children, infants, homeless, and powerless and there is such gratification in making things for those who are in need. That I just don’t get time spent on this. It is called “Yarn Graffiti”. When I think of graffiti I just don’t want my work associated with it. Well as I said each to their own and “art” maybe has no reason. Where as knitting or crocheting for charity is a reason unto its self.

The art of knitting or crocheting to me is a unique art form, in that it not only is beautiful but practical as well. The art of charity is also beautiful in that while the recipient is blessed the maker and giver is blessed even more. While the “yarn bombing” is unique (to be sure). I cannot help but think of how many could have benefited if the person or persons creating these covering would have turned that effort in to blankets for programs such as; The Linus Project, which provides blankets for children who have been traumatized, or Chemo Caps for cancer patients, Prayer Shawls, or Hats for the Homeless. All of these projects create beautiful items, wrap unique people in warmth and love, and bless the giver in so many ways.

The Linus Project

Chemo Caps

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Hats for Homeless

Art, at its best brings beauty to the world, blesses the world, and blesses the artist. What I just haven’t understood is how the time and yarn used to create all of the coverings for trees, buses, and so many other things really blesses anyone. I do believe it causes people to stop, stare, and wonder “Why”


So much time, so much yarn, such silliness, when there is such need for beauty to be spread among humans. Each of us as artist must choose what we create  and how it impacts the lives of others.

“And now there remains faith, hope, and charity, these three: but the greatest of these is charity.” 1st Corinthians 13:13 KJV


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