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Knitting Frenzy

Each year for more years than I can remember I have been going to a celebration of Texas Independence at Washington on the Brazos. I am allowed to sell items at this show. Usually through out the year I make items to take and sell. This past year was not usual and so come the end of January I did not have anything made to take. Did I mention the show is the weekend closest to March 2nd? So began the month of Knitting Frenzy.

These are the result of fairly nonstop¬†knitting.It is a¬†testimony of what can be done if one is crazy enough to try and do it. I really can’t say it was a lot of fun all I can say is that you can accomplish much more than you think you can if you work hard enough at it.

The show was very good and yes I did sell most of the items which does make it worth while in the long run as it pays our expenses of going to the show. The lesson to take away from it is somehow even in a crazy year try to do some of the knitting for the show before the end of January. Though it was amazing to see all of the items made laying out on the table.


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