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A New Year of Knitting

Though it has been awhile since I last wrote anything, that does not mean there has been no knitting going on. Quite the contrary in fact. Of course there were the Holidays and a mass of Christmas Knitting was done. Mostly scarves the new curly ones. Then a lot of Christmas ornaments knitted. But that was last year.

So in January, I finished a shawl for my sister for her birthday. I will include a picture at a later time. I started my green socks that my daughter had given to me some time back. I was helping my sister learn to knit socks and so I started and finished them

Then there are the Loopy Lambs for the Washington on the Brazos show.

Scarves, small critters and there will be at least 2 hairy hedgehogs and I will include a photo once they are felted, and many other items.  I hope to post pictures of from the show.

There are many project scheduled for this year. The main one being the afghan our daughter and son-in-law for their 1st anniversary. As the year progresses new knitting will be added and most likely subtracted. That is the beauty of knitting, projects finished and begun. Life happens and knitting continues.


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